Orthopaedic Surgery

Broken bones and cruciate ligament problems are the most common orthopaedic problems encountered in veterinary practice.

Dealing with a fractured bone can be a complex process. From performing a complete physical exam to identify the degree of shock your pet is experiencing to surgically repairing the fracture. The initial treatment for a patient with a fractured bone is to provide strong pain relief, treat the drop in blood pressure caused by the shock of the incident, start antibiotic coverage if there are any open wounds and place a bandage/splint if necessary. Once we have dealt with the immediate danger for your pet we can organise to perform an x-ray on site at our hospital. Our digital radiographic system gives us detailed images of bones and enables us to pick up even the smallest of fractures.

The advancement in orthopaedic veterinary surgery has been phenomenal.

Being able to offer these latest treatments and surgeries in a veterinary facility is vital. Application of plates and screws for fractures, external fixation devices, cruciate ligament repair and knee cap surgery are just some of the orthopaedic surgical procedures we are capable of providing at Drovers Vet Hospital.


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