General Surgery

Our separate, sterile surgery allows us to perform most advanced surgical procedures including orthopaedic plate and screws applications, fracture repairs, cruciate repairs and numerous soft tissue surgeries. We also perform all routine sterilisation surgeries of most species, including rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs.

Dr Christine Edwards has a great level of expertise for the fine and fiddly soft tissue surgeries with her pedantic attention to detail. She has many years experience performing a number of advanced techniques including total ear canal ablations, bladder and bowel surgeries and cruciate repairs.  

A growing arm of veterinary surgery is found in surgical oncology (surgery performed on cancer growths). Having Dr Wayne Shipham on board, with not only a passion for oncology, but also years of experience and study in this field, allows us to confidently offer appropriate surgical techniques and approaches when it comes to removing cancerous growths in your pet.

Service details

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