Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment

Our pets are living longer, healthier lives. On the one hand this is fantastic, but on the other hand they become more prone to diseases of old age. The most common of these is Cancer.  Cancer is now the most common reason pets are presented to the veterinarian and it is the number 1 concern for pet owners.

At Drovers Vet Hospital we are proud to be able to offer a high level of cancer diagnostics and treatments. Dr Wayne Shipham has over 10 years of experience in the veterinary oncology field and is very passionate about this area in our pets. Whilst most of us cringe at the thought and mention of the word “chemotherapy”, in our pets, it is actually a very different scenario. They simply do not suffer from the severe side effects we associate with chemotherapy and thus make fantastic candidates for this treatment.

We are able to offer advanced cancer staging through biopsies, cytology, ultrasound and digital radiology. Once diagnosed and staged, we can consult with you on the best treatment for your pet. We offer a complete range of chemotherapy treatments with up to date knowledge and drugs. 


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