Senior Pet Wellness Focus 2016

Senior Pet Wellness Focus 2016

This quarter from 1st July through to 30 September we will focus on our senior pets, a senior pet is classed as a pet 7 years or older.  Just like humans, our furry friends need a little extra attention as they start to get older. A nutritious diet, gentle exercise regime and regular vet visits will help keep your pet happy and healthy during this time.  We all slow down as we get older, so it is important that you are sensitive to what your senior pet is experiencing as it matures. Taking care of an older pet may require a little extra patience, but that is what makes the experience so rewarding.

This quarter we are offering;
*       Full Veterinary health exam
*       Discounted blood screening (saving up to $100)
*       Discounted urinalysis
*       Advice and information from our vets on caring for your senior pet
*       FREE Senior Focus Information Pack with Royal Canin Money OFF Voucher
All from $108.00

Together we can help your pet to live a long healthy life…