Cancer Treatment

We are able to offer advanced cancer staging through biopsies, cytology, ultrasound and digital radiology. Once diagnosed and staged, we can consult with you on the best treatment for your pet. We offer a complete range of chemotherapy treatments with up to date knowledge and drugs.

Dental Treatment

We pride ourselves at offering exceptional dental care with the full IM3 dental suite including a fibre optic high speed drill, ultrasonic scaler and all the dental instruments needed for dogs, cat and little rodents.

Feline Medicine

At Drovers Vet Hospital we recognise that your cat is not just a small dog. We have a separate cat waiting area and a dedicated cat consult room and ward. We have been accredited as a Cat Friendly Clinic by the International Society for Feline Medicine and Dr van Boeijen has further qualifications in Feline Medicine with the ANZCVS by Membership examination.

Giving medicine to your cat (How to Pill a Cat)

Giving a tablet to a cat can be a daunting prospect for anyone, but with a calm and confident approach it is often much easier than you first think. The tips and tricks in this ISFM short guide will help you achieve this successfully and as easily as possible. For the full article please refer…

Keeping pet chickens 

Introduction Chickens make wonderful backyard pets. They come in many breeds, shapes and sizes, provide an endless source of entertainment with their antics and interactions with people and each other, are real characters and of course produce lovely home grown eggs. Owners and their pet chickens can become very bonded to each other. What kind…


Microchipping is a common, safe procedure which is routinely performed at our clinic in both cats and dogs. A microchip is a tiny Radio Frequency Identification Device, which can be implanted in an animal for identification purposes. They resemble a small, metallic grain of rice in appearance.

Puppy Pre-School

Congratulations on your new addition to your family. Puppy preschool is a good way to introduce your new puppy to other puppies and thus allow development of good socialisation. At our Drovers Vet Hospital puppy preschool you will also learn about puppy training and veterinary health.


Many of the vets now at Drovers Vet Hospital have completed post graduate study or courses in ultrasound and can perform most ultrasound examinations. Our investment in this service goes beyond our veterinary knowledge base – we have invested in a high end Siemens X300 ultrasound unit, with both advanced cardiac (heart) and abdominal (stomach and other organs) software.