Dr. Wayne Shipham

BVSC (Hons) MANZCVSC (Medicine)

Position : Director/Owner Senior Small Animal Veterinarian
Graduated : 1991, Onderstepoort, South Africa
Post-graduate: Honours (Medicine and alternative imaging) and MANZCVSc (Small animal medicine)
Interests : I really enjoy a relaxing round of golf, a hearty cycle ride, or an exhaustive game of tennis. Spending time with “the many women” of my family is always enjoyable and remains a priority for me. 
Veterinary Interests : My two areas of interests are small animal internal medicine and diagnostics, including ultrasound, and then also oncology (cancer care and treatment). 
Pets : 2 dogs (Bijoux and Gigi), 2 cats (Whiskers and Dusty) and 2 rabbits (Oreo and Violet)
Dr Kate Oldham


Graduated: Murdoch University, Perth
Born: Adelaide, SA
Joined the Practice: January 2011
Interests: Sailing, scuba diving, classical music, reading, travel and hiking
Ambition: To provide compassionate veterinary care for pets and their owners and to maintain the passion I have for my career and professional education.
Veterinary Interests: Small animal internal medicine and surgery
Pets: A beautiful Burmese cat Mia, and two lovely old Border Collies, Cleo and Connie
Dr Merryl Gamble


Graduated from: University of Melbourne, 1994
Place of birth: Mildura, Victoria, Australia
Joined the Practice: August 2013
Interests: I enjoy spending time with my husband and two children aged 10 and 8 years.  I enjoy traveling and getting to know Perth and its surrounds better.  When we can get away, I like to go camping with the family.  I enjoy being involved in church activities including children's ministry and ladies Bible study groups.  I also have a passion for community volunteer work when time allows.
Ambition: To be the best small animal veterinarian I can be while balancing my family life.  To be a positive influence in the world and make a difference in people's lives.
Veterinary Interests: All aspects of Small animal medicine, Feline medicine and dermatology.
Pets: "Misty" a 5 month old female rescue kitten and on the lookout for a suitable puppy to add to the family.  
Dr Rebekah Bruce


Graduated from: Murdoch University
Place of birth: Subiaco, Perth
Joined the Practice: June 2016
Interests: Traveling, reading, good food and great company
Ambition: to continually improve as a veterinarian, and to maintain my passion. Always keeping my patient’s best interests at heart.
Veterinary interests: feline medicine, dermatology, general practice
Pets: Max, an elderly Jack Russell cross adopted through the RSPCA. Molly and Pepper, my gorgeous rescue cats. Pep, as you can see from my photo, prefers to live life upside down.  
Dr Janelle Kirkwood


Graduated from: Murdoch University 2009
Place of birth: Subiaco, Perth
Joined the Practice: December 2016
Interests: Reading, Anything to do with chickens
Ambition: To always continue to learn and be up to date. To always enjoy my working environment and ethos.
Veterinary interests: Ultrasound, general medicine, chickens
Pets: Where do we start! 5 chickens, 2 cats, a bearded dragon and 2 little budgies!!